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10 Lead Generation Ideas to Build Your Email List

We’ve all been there.

“I need to grow my list, but what I can offer that people actually want?”

Quite a few people over complicate what their people want and what is valuable enough for people to sign up.

Case study:

I helped a client to create a simple printable worksheet that aligned with their greater business and averaged them 1000 sign ups a WEEK.

A WORKSHEET. It was not hard. It was not complex or grandiose. Simple. Valuable. And could be used IMMEDIATELY by the target audience.

That’s what we want.



Able to be used IMMEDIATELY.

Now. To the ideas!

1. Worksheets

Oh yeah. Who doesn’t love a good worksheet? It was the best part about kindergarten.

2. Case Studies

Show your target in 5 minutes or less the process you used to achieve a desired result. Alex Hormozi mentioned his case study in 100 M Leads. It. Works.

3. Report

Study a bunch of people. Compile your insights. BOOM! You have yourself something to leverage for leads.

4. Webinar

Free webinars are the bomb dot com to establish your authority. (Is my Millenial showing?)

5. Templates

You find the magic sauce for your everyday operations? Make it into a template.

6. Quizzes

There used to be a site in the early days called Quizilla. You could find out what type of toast you are and all sorts of other fun results. People have not changed so much that we still don’t find these fun.

7. Contests

Noah Kagan of 100M Weekend mentioned how they were able to grow their revenue using a simple contest where they paid for a year of DropBox. They paid that year, but the revenue that came in from that contest FAR outweighed the cost of DropBox. 🙂

8. Discount codes/Trials

Sign up to get a 20% off coupon? I’m in! And most of your audience is too.

9. eBook

Do you happen to know a lot about something? Write it all down and format it to share with other.

10. Guide

Think about a guide while you’re in the wilderness. Guide your target through something they’re struggling with and become who they look to for advice.

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