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LinkedIN Outreach for Introverts

Reaching out to people can be intimidating. But worry not! I’m here to show you simple tricks that can make LinkedIN outreach feel natural, and not like you’ve walked into a party and there’s no dog/cat to keep you company. The Process 1. Use Search You’re going to start by putting the title of people […]

10 Lead Generation Ideas to Build Your Email List

We’ve all been there. “I need to grow my list, but what I can offer that people actually want?” Quite a few people over complicate what their people want and what is valuable enough for people to sign up. Case study: I helped a client to create a simple printable worksheet that aligned with their […]

Creating email campaigns that engage

Want me to do this for you? My average increase in engagement rates over a 60 day period look like 13%, using strategies like segmentation and personalization. Book your free consult now if you’d like me to do this for you.

What to do when you’re not getting app downloads

You think your app is the greatest thing since sliced bread. But no one’s downloading… What now??? First. It would be helpful for us to set our expectations. The majority of apps, 47.7% according to AppFigures, get between 100-1000k downloads in a month.  I know we all want more, so let’s get to the next […]

10 Ways to Promote Your Business for Free that Actually Work

First off. We often hear, “Well… what are you doing to promote?” And what comes to mind? Ads. Paid Promotions. There are more options available!! But how can you use them if you don’t know they exist? Here’s 10 ways you can promote your startup or business that actually friggin’ work (from 10 years in […]

The WORST way to do SEO

Everyone knows (or maybe you don’t) that when you’re making a website that you also need to include SEO – Search Engine Optimization. And there’s a million and 1 guides out there to help you. (I’ve linked my favorite SEO players at the end of this post). But you know what I haven’t seen??? How […]

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