Email Essentials

Leverage your email list and unlock sales with this nurture sequence

Email Essentials | Brains to Spare | Email Swipe Files

Topics Covered In This Guide

This package takes all the guesswork out of your nurture sequence.

What to Say

Use the prewritten, preformatted emails - just update the boldened field with your info, or use our ChatGPT prompt to get your own custom script.

How to Say It

Create trust in your audience with professional graphics and easy-to-read formatting.

When to Say it

All you have to do is wind it up, and let it go!

Try before you buy
Download the first email swipe file

Julia Baldini Brain | Promo Image

Who am I?

Julia Baldini Brain

10+ years in marketing, I have sent out hundreds of emails on behalf of my clients and consistently seen results that blow benchmarks out of the water.

All from engaging copy, good timing, and personalization.

Now I want to help you tell YOUR story, in a way that helps you get paid.

Leverage your list and make more sales

Utilize this email sequence to revive an existing list, or to optimize a new list as you build it.

Email Essentials | Brains to Spare | Email Swipe Files
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