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Find My Curriculum is an easy-to-navigate library of over 100 curriculum you can filter by your criteria.

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See what others think

View reviews from other educators and provide your own to so others know what to expect from the curriculum.

Consistently Updated

There are many lists of outdated curriculum. This list is updated yearly to bring you only the most up-to-date options.

Filter by What You Need

Special Needs? Student led vs. instructor led? Just need something supplementary? No problem. Layer your filters and find what you need.


About Us

Find My Curriculum was created by a fellow homeschool mom who was tired of doing hours of research – both socially and googling – to find the ideal curriculum solution.

She has 3 completely different types of learners (don’t we all?) and a number of special needs that made the more traditional curriculum an ill-fit for her needs.

Using the library and filters, she was able to find what she needed and her kids are thriving. Now she wants to share her process with others.

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