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LinkedIN Outreach for Introverts

Reaching out to people can be intimidating. But worry not! I’m here to show you simple tricks that can make LinkedIN outreach feel natural, and not like you’ve walked into a party and there’s no dog/cat to keep you company.

The Process

1. Use Search

You’re going to start by putting the title of people you want to connect with in the search bar.

2. Now Filter

You’re going to make sure your on “People” and then select just “2nd”

3. The Script

Don’t reinvent the wheel! When you select 2nd you can see how you’re connected (people, groups, etc.) and that’s going to be your leverage point.

“I see we both know ___ , would love to connect!”

Now… If you want to turn this into prospecting, you would add a little more in transparency to your connection request.

Mention how you’re connected with them, and then provide context. Example below.

“I see we both know Jacob Jacobson. I help founders get more leads through better content (impact statement). I would love to connect with you to learn more about Jacboson inc. Would you be open to a 15 minute call?”

That’s it!

If they respond, great! If not, okay!

Extra Tips to Get the Most Out of This Approach

  • Strive for relationship. You wouldn’t ask someone to sleep with you in the first 2 minutes of meeting them. Don’t do that to your prospects. It’s not a good look.
  • Be really clear on why you’re reaching out and why they should care.
  • You can also use your Alma Mater or any other shared interests as points of connection.

We work with people we like. So it’s about finding people you would want to work with.

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