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Which Platform is best for beginning business owners

First off. What a platform is and why it matters.

Platforms are where you build your website. Examples include: WordPress. Squarespace. Wix. Kajabi. Shopify. The list goes on.

Each platform was developed with a particular purpose in mind. So at the end of the day, while each has had an opportunity to build it’s features up to accommodate other purposes, their updates and rollouts (new features) will always support their original purpose.

What this means for you.

If you choose the wrong platform, when you try to add to it, you may hit limitations that seriously affect your bottom line.

“But I want something easy… Some of these seem really complex.”

And some of them are – and some of them play well with others and some DON’T. So it’s important that if you think you’re going to jump to another platform, or that you’ll need more benefits than are currently available – that you choose a platform that is flexible or that supports your business model (how you get your product/service to your target audience).

The Platforms and their considerations

WordPress – Blogs

WordPress is one of the OLDEST platforms. You can consider them the OP. Original Platform. Made for blogging, you could say they specialize in content delivery.

Blogs. Videos. Etc.

They also have one of the most robust libraries of Plugins and support. Which is crucial when things go wrong.

Something to consider… They ARE more complex, but they also scale really well and easily. Meaning… If you want to get bigger fast, WordPress can support that kind of growth.

Squarespace – Blogs

Squarespace has grown to be one of the biggest competitors to WordPress. They’re sleek and use very simple designs and user interfaces (how you edit and upload stuff to your site).

There are some BEAUTIFUL websites built on Squarespace.

Something to consider… Squarespace was NOT meant for ecommerce and I have seen more than one business struggling with their integrations. If you start with them and get your domain through them, if you try to disconnect your domain – you WILL lose your site. It’s better to get your domain through another service, like NameCheap or GoDaddy if you think you’ll ever switch.

Wix – Generic Website without Code

Wix is amazing for what it provides. You can made a relatively, robust site with Wix. It does everything you need to get started in business and it looks good while doing it. Intuitive design – you’re able to create, update, and manage your site with ease.

Something to consider… If you’re trying to build an empire, Wix is NOT for you. It does not offer the flexibility that WordPress does for uploading custom code to your site. Which may not be something you need now, but as businesses get bigger the need for more complex solutions oftentimes arise.

Shopify – eCommerce

If you are an ecommerce store, or trying to build one, Shopify was built from the ground up for supporting online sales. One of my personal favorites – they offer smooth integrations with all your marketing software, and have LOTS of support for when things go sideways.

Something to consider… Shopify was NOT built with blogging in mind. I 100% recommend finding an integration to make it seamless if you’re interested in providing free resources in addition to your shop.

Do you have another platform you would recommend?? Comment and tell me why!

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