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What to do when you’re not getting app downloads

You think your app is the greatest thing since sliced bread. But no one's downloading... What now???

First. It would be helpful for us to set our expectations.

The majority of apps, 47.7% according to AppFigures, get between 100-1000k downloads in a month. 

I know we all want more, so let’s get to the next part.


We need to debug.
There are four areas that could be causing hiccups.

Okay... Silly question. Does your app actually work without being super buggy?

Your reputation is dependent on your user experience.

In the app store, people are willing to try complete strangers’ products. But…. If the user experience is super buggy, not only will you lose any traction that you may be getting, but the odds are high that people will warn them off through word-of-mouth or reviews.

So, it should go without saying – Have a solid product. And if you don’t, rebuild, redeploy, and we’ll try again.



Did you make sure to include keywords into your app description and title?

Keyword Screenshot

Did you use pretty pictures?

The above is from Craft: Write Docs, AI Editing. I am NOT an affiliate. They just did a really good job. See the following keywords that their target may search for: writing, organizing notes, documents, presentations, docs, linked pages, thoughts

First assumption, you’re in the app store. Are you? Okay, good!

Think about what people are searching for that they would find your application. I want you to type it in. What kind of apps come up? Write down the primary and secondary keywords that they’re using.

Another approach to finding the right ASO(App Store Optimization) is talking to your beta users. What would THEY search for?


Here’s a quick Google Sheet Keyword tracker I made for you to use as you do your research. This way you can see the trends of those that are getting the most downloads and leverage that they already know what works. 😀

And here’s a ChatGPT prompt if you need writing help.

“Write an app description for the Apple Store and Google Play store for app that (describe your application) that’s meant for (your target marketing).  Please be sure to use a (friendly/professional/confident/etc.) tone and be sure to include these keywords: (enter your keywords)”

Craft Promo shots

We’re so silly as human creatures. If it doesn’t look good, we don’t want it.

We want the apps we use to feel good and to make us feel good about ourselves.

Even if your UI isn’t the most sophisticated, having a good promo pic can help draw your people in.


Here’s a Canva Mobile App Template if you need some help.

Do you have a system to ask for a review?

Review Screenshot | How to promote your app

Your reviews are the best marketing tool you got.

The higher your rating, the more your app is prioritized in ASO.

The more your prioritized, the more people feel confident about downloading your app.

You get the idea.


I hope this was helpful!

As when we’re trying anything new, we need data. Bringing your app to market is no exception. These core four are the foundations that I’ve found will drive (or kill) your growth.

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