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You NEED to set SMART Goals for Your Marketing Campaigns

Spaghetti on the wall doesn’t cut it… You know what I mean. The, “I’m just going to do it all and eventually something will work!”

Then when it doesn’t… You feel dejected and like nothing’s working and who understands that algorithm anyway!

No? Just me?

I definitely started here, and I’m hoping you’ll learn from my mistakes. So let’s get into setting SMART goals for your marketing campaigns.

Marketing is a Marathon Not A Sprint

Starting with the right expectations will help us with our goals. We need to understand what’s possible, probable, and even plausible.

It helps to think of marketing like a train. Each effort is us putting coal into the train. You can’t push the train by itself. It does go fast eventually, but at the first it’s really f$#*ing slow. Which can be aggravating and depressing if you’re hoping for 60mph right out the gate.

So our SMART goals need to give us momentum for our INPUTS. The outputs (sales, trust, brand recognition) are secondary. We need to focus on what we can control.

S.M.A.R.T. = Specific. Measurable. Achievable. Relevant. Time-bound.

Let’s work a couple of examples.

Goal: I’m going to blog everyday.

Hmmm… Not bad but we can do better.

Goal: I’m going to blog everyday from 8am – 9am.

Better! Now it’s measurable and it sounds achievable, as long as I set my expectations right. Such as, how long is my blog going to be? Do I need a bunch of graphics as well? Hmm… Sounds like we need to be more specific.

Goal: I’m going to write a 300 word blog everyday with a single feature graphic for the next 30 days on one of my customer’s pain points from 8am – 9am.

WOO! Now THAT is a SMART goal. It’s focused on our input, rather than some uncontrollable output like – “I’ll get 200 views of my next blog post.” Let’s build on it with another one.

Goal: For every blog post I create, I will publish a social media post on it.

Again, not bad. But I think we’d be more likely to achieve it if we set some additional parameters.

Let’s try again, and this time we’ll go straight for the gold.

Goal: For the next 30 days (matches our other goal), I will publish a post on LinkedIN, Instagram, and Facebook every day between 9am – 10am on the blog post I have created.

Much better! And now we’re building a marketing campaign.

We can’t control what other people do, but we can control our inputs. The more our inputs (especially strategic), the greater the chance of the outputs.

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